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A Chance at Some Sun…

When I looked at the forecast in the middle of last week, I slumped in my chair the same way we all did here in New Hampshire. It was a simple outlook: Rain. Clouds. Rain. A friend of mine who Observes up on Mount Washington quipped in a forecast related post, “If you live in NH, and it’s a day ending with a “Y”, it will rain”.

A rainy stretch like this can really discourage even the heartiest of folks. For someone like me, I see this rich, green world unfurling before my eyes (due to all this rain), but it’s completely soaked (due to all this rain)! Sure, I could get out and hike because as my mother said, I surely won’t melt. But if you hike with camera in-tow as I do, you’re might just be asking for trouble. Moisture can wreak havoc on electronics, and that’s not to mention that getting usable photos with such abundant rain can be a real challenge (foggy lenses and sensors, dodging raindrops, etc).

But, if you’re willing like me, to take a chance, don a headlamp and venture into the hills between storms and under the cover of darkness, discouragement can quickly transcend to artistic hope and inspiration. Saturday’s forecast had a slight chance of promise, and with that in mind I set my sights on Mount Major for sunrise shots over Lake Winnipesauke. I took to the trail quite early, at 2:45 am.

Cutting through the mist and the fog, I made it to the top by 3:30. Despite the ‘promise’ in the forecast, I had a feeling that things wouldn’t work out. While hiking, I noticed that the higher up I got, the thicker the fog became. While waiting for sunrise on the top, I spent some time just lying among the walls of the old summit house, watching the sky become a bit brighter each moment. Although the rain held off, the peak itself never made it out of the clouds and the sun never poked through. Not every hike is a photographic success….

Stone Foundation

Remnants of Once a Shelter

Major's Misty Summit

Major's Misty Summit

After getting back early from my hike up Major, I spent most of the remainder of the weekend with my family, just being lazy. Mostly. I did steal away once more to find a Star Flower, nearby in the wild when nobody was paying attention. I have other outdoor plans for later in the week, hopefully when the weather is a smidgen nicer!

Star Flower

Star Flower

Now I know that not everyone is cut from the same cloth; not everyone wants to be up at 2 o’clock in the morning, hiking solo in the dark to take a chance at capturing a sunrise from a mountaintop. We’re all quite different in what we’re motivated by, and what we find beauty in. And that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you some sunshine somewhere this weekend! See you again real soon!

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